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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Why Diabetic Socks?

Juzo Silver Sole Compression Socks
Diabetes is a health condition that plagues many people of all ages. Diabetes is a condition in which you have high blood sugar because your body does not handle insulin well or does not produce enough insulin. There have been many ways of combating diabetes for both men and women. There are also 2 different types of diabetes called type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Type one diabetes is the condition in which the body does not produce insulin like a normal person would. Type 2 diabetes is the condition where the cells in the body do not use insulin properly.

What have become popular in recent years are diabetic socks for both men and women. Diabetic socks look and usually feel like normal socks, but they are quite different. Diabetic often have problems when it comes to nerve damage, also called neuropathy. When you start to have nerve problems in your body it becomes hard to use your feet, hands and legs like you would normally. Even such things as walking around can be hard when you have diabetes because you have to constantly worry about falling down and keeping your balance. Diabetes also causes the arteries and veins in the body to become clogged up; when this happens your body cannot produce the oxygen it needs to perform daily activities. Some people will use diabetic foot cream to help the blood and oxygen flow to the feet to allow them to walk without pain. Sometimes when wearing regular socks, diabetic compression socks can be too much. When wearing normal cotton socks some people think it’s too tight and there is too much compression which causes more restriction of blood flow for a diabetic.

When looking for a diabetic socks for men and diabetic socks for women, you want to find something that will help you feel better. You can often find diabetic socks that are made from a combination of cotton, acrylic, nylon, and elastic fibers. By using these materials instead of 100% cotton, the socks will help to conform to your foot better. They are made to provide comfort and padding while keeping your foot cool and dry. It is said that diabetic compression socks are superior because they pull moisture and heat from the foot. When wearing diabetic socks, there are a few things you can avoid as opposed to wearing normal socks. When wearing regular socks there is much more rubbing of the foot, this can cause blisters to form and calluses to enlarge. It is also possible to also have inflammation problems in the foot as a diabetic would have with socks that are too tight. Some people will wear diabetic foot cream and diabetic socks to help their condition, while some will only use the socks. Even some doctors will recommend some to use diabetic socks when moving around a lot to prevent too much moisture from occurring with your normal sock.

As you can see above, there are certainly reasons to at least consider or try diabetic socks. For all those skeptical of the look, they come in all different styles and colors as do normal socks.  They also are shaped just as normal socks and have imprints that you would find on your usual cotton sock. You can also find socks, which might not be marketed as diabetic socks, but may still contain some materials that are in diabetic socks. You can also look for socks that are not too tight on your feet and also help to suck moisture out of your foot.


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