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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

All Kinds of Ankle Braces

Lace Up Ankle Brace Support
Anyone who has ever suffered a sprained ankle knows the pain involved with this injury. They also know how painful it is to walk on the ankle until it has healed completely. When someone suffers a bad sprain they can use a good ankle brace to help protect, support and brace the ankle. This will give them the added support and stability needed to walk on the ankle while it is healing yet keeping motion of muscles, tendons and ligaments limited.

A good brace will completely surround the ankle and will fit tight. The tight fit compresses the ankle and helps keep it in place, limiting movement. This helps the muscles work better while supporting the ankle. A brace with strings or Velcro to help keep it in place and tighten it is the best kind to get for compression and support. Braces without a way to tighten them are not as effective. The ones that do have a way to tighten them will also need to be adjusted and tightened periodically. A person is better able to keep the brace in place so it is not sliding around but stays where it needs to be for the support when there is a way to tighten it.

There are different types of ankle supports that can be effective when someone is suffering from a sprain. Some of these slip on like a sock and are neoprene. These do not provide as much support as a brace that has metal or plastic stays. Neoprene ankle suppotts can be used for minor sprains though and can sometimes make the ankle feel better by providing support and protection from injury during sports and exercise by keeping the ankle stable. A neoprene ankle brace retains heat for a therapeutic effect that keeps the ankle ligaments warm and limber.

There are other braces made so they fit almost like a sock but have compressive properties. A compression ankle support maintains full range of motion while providing uniform compression around the ligaments and tendons. The FLA ProLite Compression Ankle Support features anatomically contoured viscoelastic inserts cover the entire soft tissue area of the joint and support the sides of the ankle. As the ankle is moved, the two L-Shaped Viscoelastic Inserts provide a gentle, compressive massage around the joint. This enhances circulation to help promote healing and minimize pain and swelling.

There are all kinds of ankle braces available to help when someone suffers a sprain of any kind. When an injury happens the extra stability and compression these ankle supports offer can help someone get back on their feet with less pain.


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