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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Trusting FLA Orthopedics

3D Compression Elbow Support Brace

Many people wonder why they should turn only to trusted sources like FLA orthopedics. There are many good reasons why only trusted sources (like FLA) should be sought after. Trusted retailers are only going to be selling devices that were made by trusted manufacturers. Orthopedic items are very important necessities, and as such, shopping for these products should not be taken lightly at all.

One important rule of thumb to remember is that there are a number of imitators out there selling products that compete with those being sold by FLA orthopedics. There are a number of companies out there that are selling poorly made devices that can't compare to the aforementioned brand , and these are the companies that this article will refer to as, "untrusted sources." Some of the imitators out there take the opposite approach of FLA, these people use cheap materials and manufacturing processes.

One good reason to stay away from untrusted products is simple enough to understand, they might not work correctly. When it comes to the type of assistance and support that such products provide, there is no room for products that do not serve their intended purposes as effectively and efficiently as possible. The use of an untrusted product that does not work correctly could easily make ones situation much worse. These cheaply made products might actually worsen a person's already bad situation.

There are untrusted products that might work as well as FLA products, however, their downfall lies in the fact that they are likely not going to last very long. Trusted products not only serve their intended purpose correctly, but they also last for the long haul. These orthopedic braces are expensive enough as it is, and people do not want to have to replace such an item more than they possibly have to!

A lot of people that want trusted products do not know how to go about shopping for them. There are entire websites dedicated to the sale of trusted devices alone. Typically such a website is going to make this fact quite clear, often advertising it in very plain site. Sites that sell trusted products want consumers to know that they specialize in carrying the best, so they will go out of their way to make this known. Be weary of websites that carry, "industry certifications" that not many people have heard of before. Some manufacturers of poorly made devices make such claims to trick consumers. Trusted sources are going to be backed by real medical professionals and industry sources!

Buying products from FLA orthopedics competitors can not only mean that a person has to replace their orthopedic braces more often than they should, it could also mean that a person's condition is actually worsened. The price of a higher end, trusted device for assisting with the worsened condition is likely going to be far more expensive than the price of the trusted device that would have been used for correcting the original condition in the first place!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Arthritis Foot Pain

I thought I'd share a quick story about one of our customer's experience with Tiger Balm Arthritis Rub. She is one of our local customers that came into the store complaining of aching ankles and arches on both feet. She was seeking a pain relief rub or ointment. We recommend the Tiger Balm Arthritis Rub. She asked if we cared if she applied it right there and then -- she was in so much pain. Well, of course we didn't mind! Within minutes she felt a great deal of relief. If fact, she just about bounced out of the store! She couldn't believe the difference the product made in her mobility in a matter of minutes.

We also recommend Tiger Balm for quick and effective pain relief from minor body aches, pains and muscle strains. Widely used by athletes and their trainers for deep tissue work and muscle relaxation.

Of course, we love for our customers to visit our store in Franklin, Tennessee, just south of Nashville. However, we ship Tiger Balm across the USA and to our international clients.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Run Better

Sigvaris Compression Running Leg Sleeves

Running has attracted people of all age and genders for many years. More and more people are getting conscious about their health and try to achieve a better physique. The best and most attractive thing about running is that everyone can do it. One does not require special gears, good senses, athletic abilities, or pricey gear for running. All that is required is a pair of shoes and the will power to go along. The number of women who finished races increased from 791,000 to nearly 5 million in 2010. Along with this increased popularity of running, women’s compression socks have gained popularity for women who are looking to improve their running.

Compression socks have been considered useful because they help in better blood circulation throughout the feet and legs. Some of the doctors advise compression socks for people suffering from inflammation and other similar muscle issues. These socks can make a significant improvement in overall health of the person. Above all of these facts, the most important benefit of women’s running compression socks is their support in fast running. Research has shown that there are so many benefits of compression socks.

How compression socks can help in running?

Most women athletes wear women's compression socks because of their numerous benefits. These are much of a fashion trend nowadays and this section will discuss some of the most important benefits of compression socks.

• Delivery of oxygen: Women's running compression socks helps in increasing the overall flow of oxygen to the muscles. It helps in achieving most of the working muscles.

• Blood circulation: Women's compression socks improve the circulation of blood throughout legs and feet. In short, the venous return is more likely to increase because of the high blood circulation.

• Muscle performance: According to athletes, compression socks allow them to increase the strength and power of their muscles. The endurance of muscles is increased with these socks and post-exercise muscle soreness is greatly reduced with these socks. Compressions socks often control muscle vibration and provide stability to their muscles.

• Avoid muscle damage: Compression socks are helpful in reducing muscle strain by keeping the muscles at an optimum position. Athletes use these socks to avoid ligament damage in important races. Muscle cramps are much less likely to happen with these socks. People suffering from chronic lower limb conditions including calf strains, shin splints, Achilles tendonitis are greatly benefited by these socks.

• Other benefits: Some other benefits of these socks include reduced risk of blood clotting during long-haul flights, lower muscle fatigue, and other feet issues. Women's running compression socks are built of wicking fabric which help in keeping the feet dry and this fabric has anti-odor and anti-microbial properties as well.

Compression socks are recommended for every serious sprinter and even for regular people. Both men and women can enjoy the benefits of these socks and it is in your best interest to get a pair of these socks as soon as possible.

Pedifix Your Feet

Pedifix Ball-of-Foot Pads
We use our feet everyday for walking, running, jumping and getting to where we may need to go. We may never really think about the health of our feet, and that's what can get somebody into trouble. There are many health issues that can happen to feet. Although, not all foot problems are serious, some are irritating and annoying.

For example, if someone has issues with their toes such as hammer toes or overlapping toes, there are various Pedifix products for your feet. Pedifix manufactures toe cushions and toe separators for these specific problems. Toe cushions help alleviate the pain associated with foot corns or one toe rubbing on top of or under other toes. It can be painful to walk on inflamed feet or swollen toes throughout the day. Cushioning problematic toes or other areas of the feet will provide comfort to get through the day comfortably.

A Pedifix arch bandage can help to support many different areas of the foot. The bandage supports people with flat feet or fallen arches as well as helps to ease pain in the heel and symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis. The bandage works by gently compressing the mid-foot area to support areas of the foot that someone might be having trouble with. The Pedifix arch bandage also helps people to sooth any pain from bunions or uncomfortable forefoot pains. This bandage can be worn comfortably in shoes and will give comfortable support.

Other products for your feet that are helpful with foot fungus include Pedifix FungaSoap. It acts as both a disinfectant as well as an antiseptic to clean up any fungus or bacterial infection someone may have on their feet. The disinfectant tree oil clears up the fungus and the bacteria, while at the same time the antiseptic helps to prevent the fungus or bacterial foot infection from returning. Pedifix FungaSoap also helps to sooth and moisturize feet after they've been washed. Also, when the product has dried, it will leave a refreshing and clean scent.

There are also many other products available for your foot care at Pedifix including corn removers, deep moisturizing cream for cracked and dry skin, arch braces and many other items. If there is a problem with someone’s feet, it is advisable for them to remedy the problem as soon as they can to eliminate any painful symptoms. If necessary, someone with major foot problems should see a doctor.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Exercise Can Be Easy

Body Sport Exercise Band
When it comes to exercise, you may just assume you need to go out and purchase expensive equipment, weights or a lofty gym membership, just to get yourself in shape. Although these products are all nice, and you can receive benefits from a gym that you just aren't going to get at home, but you don't have to spend thousands, or even hundreds of dollars in order to exercise. In fact, for just a few dollars, you can buy the necessary equipment and have fun doing it. One of the main problems with working out is that it isn't always fun. When it isn't fun you are less likely to perform the workout. Which in turn is going to lead you to skipping workouts and just avoiding doing it altogether. This is counterproductive and you need to make exercising fun and easy. Thankfully, there are many products out there that not only cost very little, but help you have a great time while working out also.

Exercise bands are a great way to workout and get the tension you normally would from weights, without paying the high prices for weights and equipment. These exercise bands are low impact and work off of resistance, so the further you stretch the equipment, the harder it is to move. Most exercise bands actually have a weight set on it, so you have an equivalent weight, if you are moving away from weights and towards this equipment, you don't have to wonder how much you are curling or lifting with the bands.

If you are looking for something with a little less resistance and possibly a little less pricey, there are exercise tubes. These tubes again work off of resistance, which allows the equipment to be less expensive, although it is still a suitable workout, if you need material a little less stressful than bands. The exercise tubes are great for just working your muscles in order to define the muscles and not gain a large amount of definition. So, if you want to have a good time, without spending a lot of money or bulking up, exercise tubes are definitely the way to go.

Exercise putty, also known as Theraputty, is a great way to get your body back into shape following an injury. Theraputty is similar to the playful putty you probably played with when you are younger, only this is heavier on the resistance. The exercise putty is great when you need to work out small muscles in your hands and arms, as these help strengthen the muscles, without putting too much pressure on them. You probably can't weight train with these muscles as you currently are, but the putty helps slowly return the muscles back to their original state after only a short period of time. So, if you are in need of a little help following an injury, Theraputty helps to not only increase strength, but makes it fun all the while, so you don't have to worry about becoming bored.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Guys, Get The Ultimate Socks For Comfort

JOBST For Men Casual Compression Socks

There are many reasons why wearing socks that are comfortable are an important factor. Uncomfortable hosiery can bring on unnecessary problems. JOBST compression socks for men are a fantastic wardrobe addition for people with certain health concerns. There are many different grades to enable a consumer to choose the perfect amount of support. Seasonal weather changes can change the impact of how compression socks react to the body's skin surface. A person will be more likely to wear items that are not affected by changes in temperature. It is imperative to avoid styles that promote unhealthy conditions that make people more susceptible to various skin afflictions.

Some men have chronic health issues that cause poor blood circulation in the lower limbs. These conditions can be aggravated by long periods of sitting or standing in one position. Some guys find that their lifestyles are greatly altered by their poor circulation problems. JOBST compression socks can give men back their freedom to do the activities that they enjoy. These socks are made of high quality materials that are durable. Unlike other styles, these socks deliver on the promise of comfortable support. The heels are reinforced to aid in keeping the socks in place.

A physician should be consulted to recommend the degree of compression support that is needed. The company that makes these remarkable compression socks understands that every individual will have unique requirements. This line comes in a vast array of different styles to suit personal tastes. A man can opt for either knee high or thigh high length designs. Both feature soft and nonirritating bands to keep the hosiery in the perfect position. There are also open toed versions, as well as dressier close toed varieties. These alternatives allow for more choices in selecting the best comfort style.

JOBST compression socks for men can bring relief to sufferers with diabetes, lymphedema and venous insufficiency. There are different levels of compression gradients that ensure the proper degree of lower limb support. There are guidelines that help consumers make the proper choice for them. This unique sock line comes in many sizes including extra wide widths and longer lengths. The choices in styles can range from casual to something more suited for dressier occasions. These compression socks are made with revolutionary technology that withstands extensive wear and tear. The selection is amazing and is definitely worth checking into.

People lead busy lives these days. JOBST compression socks can be a viable alternative for those men who feel slowed down by tired and achy legs or feet. These socks are designed with special features that help keep fungus and odors at bay. The superior quality can make a world of difference to those guys plagued with health ailments. The smart and functional design styles make this hosiery a useful wardrobe addition. The innovative technology of these well constructed socks are evident to satisfied consumers. It is a great feeling to get through the day without being slowed down by lower limb afflictions.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Get the Best in Skin Care

Medline Remedy Antifungal Cream

Just the thought of having ingredients such as aloe, Vitamin A, D and E, clove oil and olivamine in a moisturizing lotion or ointment gives comfort to the soul. They soothe, condition and heal dry cracked skin the natural way. Damage to the skin can be caused by many outside irritants like cold weather, various illnesses, fungal infections, air pollutants and diaper rash. Medline Remedy nourishes and relieves skin irritation while Unicare Moisturizing Lotion offers a tender touch to damaged skin with every application. Secura ointment protects babies from diaper rash. This must be why it's so popular.

Medline Remedy Antifungal Cream comes in a 4 oz tube. To relieve the symptoms of fungal infections without spending money on doctor bills and prescription medications, ingredients like olivamine, aloe vera and cetyl dimeticone give immediate relief to itching, burning skin. Customers find it effective in the treatment of athletes foot, ringworm, and jock itch. Available in both a cream or powder, get fast relief quickly for an affordable price. For long lasting relief try Medline's Skin Repair Cream with Olivamine to heal dry cracked skin leaving it feeling smooth, healthy and younger looking.

Secura Ointment comes in a 5.6 oz. tube and has natural ingredients like vitamin A, D and E to treat diaper rash. It not only heals but it protects sensitive skin too. It soothes and conditions skin on contact and seals the skin to protect it from harmful skin irritating urine and feces. The clove oil and vitamins offer relief from burning, itching, red skin associated with diaper dermatitis. There is no better skin conditioning product on the market for the soft tender skin of a baby.

Unicare Moisturizing Lotion contains aloe and Allantonin to naturally repair damaged skin. Recommended for those who have damaged skin related to radiation treatments, this lotion works as a moisturizing and conditioner at the same time. Because it is non-allergenic and non-toxic, its active ingredients go to work quickly repairing, soothing, moisturizing and conditioning dry chapped skin. Allergy sufferers no longer have to worry about skin reactions to harmful over the counter lotions. Available in either a 2 oz, travel size or a larger 8 oz. size, Unicare Moisturizing Lotion is pH balanced working to rapidly heal and relieve dry damaged skin conditions.

Because of harmful pollutants in the environment, the skin suffers. With lotions like Medline and Unicare, it no longer has to be this way. As an effective aid in healing and revitalizing dry damaged skin, while moisturizing and conditioning at the same time, natural ingredients like aloe vera, olivamine, clove oil and vitamins A, D, and E work quickly to offer relief from itching and burning. To renew the skin, giving it a younger look in a short amount of time, try Medline Remedy's complete line of skin care products. Unicare and Secura skin care products are also both effective for repairing and moisturizing dry sensitive skin too. An affordable remedy for all skin types, Medline, Secura and Unicare are must haves in any medicine cabinet.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Help Ease Diabetic Pain

Diabetic Foot Cream
For people that suffer from diabetes, peripheral neuropathy (the condition where nerves become tender or painful due to metabolic disturbance) is a constant reality of day to day life. However, just as diabetics can control their condition through careful eating and taking the right medication, so too can the pain caused by sensitive nerves also be controlled by diabetics that take the proper precautions and use the proper methods.

First of all, diabetic skin care is an important consideration. Diabetic lotions and diabetic ointments can be found over the counter, and they are specially formulated to help keep skin healthy and to make sure that pain is reduced as much as possible. Diabetic lotion can be especially useful for those diabetics that are suffering pain in their feet, and doctors have recommended that diabetics that use these products always follow the proper instructions on the bottle, including the amount to apply and how often it should be applied to the skin. In fact many diabetic ointments, such as ShiKai foot cream, contain necessary ingredients like salicylic acid and urea, both of which can be a significant aid to diabetics that are just looking for a little bit of relief.

Beyond diabetic skin care though, there are other options for helping to relieve pain. One is to use braces to take weight off of areas where nerves are sensitive and painful. Whether you need a brace on your knee or your foot, perhaps both to ensure maximum pressure is taken off of those area, you can find these braces at drug stores, as well as in stores that cater to athletics, since those that are injured often have need of similar braces for a very similar reason. On a similar note it's important for those that are diabetic to wear comfortable shoes so that there's as little additional pressure put on the feet as possible.

It is also important to keep in mind that those who suffer from diabetes have to pay close attention to their health and stay in shape in order to keep pain to a minimum. Exercise such as regular aerobic walks, swimming and other, low pressure work outs should be a regular part of a diabetic's routine in order to keep pain to a minimum and to help keep diabetes in check. A fit body is a great defense, and it's also good preventative maintenance on your body to be sure it doesn't degrade any further.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Stepping In the Right Direction

PediFix Arch Bandage
Many people suffer from a variety of common problems with their feet that can make getting through a typical day quite difficult. Whether it is from painful fallen arches, or a pesky foot fungus causing dry cracked feet, there is an entire line of trusted Pedifix products for your feet that can help you get through your day, or get rid of your problem once and for all.

Fallen arches usually occur in people who already have high arches and who have a job or hobby that keeps them on their feet all day. Dancers and active people frequently suffer from fallen arches. The Pedifix arch bandage is the most effective arch bandage available to support painful fallen arches. Pedifix arch bandages are not just for fallen arches, as they also offer comfortable support for flat feet as well as painful heel spurs that can cause symptoms such as ball of foot pain, heel pain or toe pain. The arch bandage is made of comfortable elastic and is worn around the arch, providing a gentle relieving of pressure on both sides of the foot. It can be worn inside of the shoe or simply by itself indoors. It is machine washable and one pair can be worn for several months or more.

The Pedifix line of products also includes Pedifix FungaSoap, which is used to clear up stubborn fungal infections of the feet. Fungal infections of the feet are quite common and can develop from excessive sweating in the shoes which provide a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. Fungus can also be picked up at nail salons, pools, gyms and hotels. Foot fungus, such as athlete's foot can be incredibly itchy and cause terrible foot odor.

Pedifix FungaSoap is a gentle, yet effective soap with natural anti-fungal and antibacterial properties derived from tea tree oil. This soap is used to gently wash the fungus off of the feet and also provides a soothing comfort from itching, burning, irritation and odor that foot fungus can cause. Many people feel the healing effects of Pedifix FungaSoap the first time they use the products and can completely get rid of fungus and athlete's foot after only a few uses. This product has been noted to cure the most stubborn of athlete's foot cases that were unable to be cured by doctor prescribed medications.

Don't suffer from the pain, discomfort and embarrassment from these common foot problems. Put an end to them by using the trusted Pedifix line of products for your feet.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tamale Making = Joy & Pain All Over

In this, my 55th year, I have made the decision to learn how to cook. I'm not aspiring to "Paris Cooking School" talent -- just enough recipes that people don't ask "who's cooking" before accepting a dinner invitation. Last Sunday, I invited my immediate and extended family to join me in learning how to make authentic Tamales.

Before leaving for the HighTideHealth.com offices, I spent the wee hours of Saturday morning watching YouTube videos on the tamale making process. I went into the office and as soon as all the orders were shipped (our customers always come first!), I met my daughter-in-law, Becky, to venture to the Mexican grocery to buy the supplies. Then a trip to Kroger's for the remainder of ingredients. Of course, I didn't feel like I had all the necessary equipment, so another trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond was in order.

Tamale Steaming Pots
By the time I arrived home, put all the groceries away, I noticed my right ankle was hurting. Did I fall off my shoes again? I do it so often, I couldn't remember, but I knew my ankle was sore. However, as my Mother would say, "carry on."

The video said I had to prepare the meat and corn husks the night before. Trying to ignore my ankle pain, I awkwardly trimmed the meat and set out to slow cook it. Bending, stooping, standing, etc., my back, shoulders AND ankle were now hurting!

I was ready to make reservations for a party of eight at Garcia's. But, alas, it was only day one. I prescribed a glass of Riesling, a shower, Sombra Warm Therapy Pain Reliever and bed.

Sunday morning, my first waking thought was of the excitement of our first day of tamale making. The "kids" were coming at 10:00 am to start the tamale production. As usual, my eyes opened and my feet hit the floor -- but what the heck? What's wrong with my ankle? The Sombra had done the trick on my shoulders, but I forgot to put it on my ankle. I knew I couldn't stand on that all day. For 34 years of marriage I've made every excuse for why I couldn't cook. Not today!

What would I tell someone who called HighTideHealth.com asking about a slight sprain of the ankle? I knew the answer immediately: A light compression ankle brace. The one I always recommend to our customers is the FLA 3D Compression Ankle Support .
FLA 3D Ankle Support

I know compression helps bring blood to the injured area which speeds up recovery. Plus, I know it feels great while adding extra support. Lucky for me, I have the keys to the HighTideHealth warehouse filled with thousands of medical supplies. A quick trip to the orthopedic brace section, measured for proper sizing*, and a note to our accounting department that I owe for one brace, and I'm wearing my cool new brace. *Like all compression supports and braces, proper sizing is the key to receiving the full benefits of the compression.

Back to the house in time for my assembly crew to arrive. We all stood for several hours making a mess and some FANTASTIC tamales. I never gave another thought to that ankle; the compression was doing its job. So much so, that while we drank margaritas and the crew experimented with rolling techniques, I felt spunky enough to to make my Mamacita's famous chili rellenos.

Is there anything better than a warm kitchen filled with the laughter of people you love? Thanks to everyone for supporting my year-long commitment of learning how to cook.  By the way, if I get to select my caretaker in my sunset years, I choose Sweet Becky.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Little Help Can Go a Long Way

DMI Weekly Pill Organizer
As people get older daily chores that were once easy to do without thought can become harder and harder. And while many people suffering from age related conditions don't need to be under 24 hour care, a little bit of help can go a long way towards making life comfortable and normal. Daily living aids like dressing aids, eating aids and even something as small as a weekly pill organizer can make life much easier and take a lot of the worry and stress away as daily chores are relegated back to simple things that can be accomplished with relatively little effort once more.

Of course it's important that daily living aids be selected based on what an individual person needs. For instance, dressing aids like holders for shoes or using shoes that have velcro instead of laces are options. A hanger that holds a shirt can also be an aid for those that have issues with flexibility. Eating aids, such as larger or specialized utensils can be a major help for those whose hands shake or which lack the strength they once had. For those that have to take several different medications every day, a weekly pill organizer can keep all of your medicine straight so that you never take more than you're supposed to and so that you never forget to take your pills.

There are a variety of different aids that you can get depending on your needs, and many of them are simple items that you can purchase for a few dollars. Many times you don't even need to seek out a specialty store; all you have to do is go down to your local chain store or major retailer, or get them online at stores such as HighTideHealth.com


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